A My Son tower complex architectures including A1, also known as Temple tower, locals are taking the name of A1 for naming architecture. Area A and A ‘with 17 overall architecture, as well as the ruins of the largest current architecture in My Son. In particular, A1 tower 24m high, this is the highest tower in the whole architecture in My Son 72 when the French discovered in 1885.

Tower was built in the tenth century, there are many different styles than any temples built before. Architecture has four corners, each side has a length of 10 meters, the 1m thick, cylindrical own door reinforced with two large stones weighing more than 7 tons. Tower open 2 door, a door facing East is considered the god’s direction, the remaining doors facing west, toward the first temple in My Son in the B, C, D. Around the main tower with secondary towers 7. Temple doors and side tower is different from the other buildings in the relic. In the heart of the church tower of the gas Linga – Yoni huge. The time remaining square Yoni pedestal, with thick cutting board, large size, thickness (30cm wide x 170cm). Yoni is placed on the high altar there is a broad base, around 12 monks carved figures standing in a small check box looks very lively.

Value makes architectural masterpieces A1 is the value of art is expressed through architecture design, art style Champa heyday. In addition to body height the tower is considered the size, shape slender tower from low to high. Carved motifs picky, sophisticated. These artists have shown a lot of focus these architectural motifs, including the successor of the prior art and art imported outside Java. The highlight is the design features S-shaped pattern X. century details such as stone mi, ledge, filling boxes, lintel, spiers … are elaborately carved, showing very clear intention to do prominent peak value Champa art. Art researchers who have divided legal F.Stern Cham architectural style to 7, in which A1 has shaped towers of My Son A1 style.
In 1969 the population of area A1 tower towers A, A ‘B52 bombs were destroyed, the rest of the tower is only about 3m above the ground. Mi-door system, being fallen lintel is sure walkways, spiers thrown out, partial rupture Linga. Currently only Yoni altar. The work of reinforcement, positioning the foot West Tower in May 3/2014 A1, the Management Board of Monuments and Tourism in collaboration with the American Paint experts have done a lot of artifacts unearthed located around the base of the tower, including 2 large stone pedestal made walkway leading to the door of the tower, and a number of artifacts in the ground showed that the scale remains the same large number of materials used in the construction of the tower.

The restored tower A, A ‘was the French scientists performed the 1900s. Architect H. Parmenter same Olrpeaus archaeologists have focused materials, implementation of archaeological research. However, plans to stop funding the same changes on the battlefields of Vietnam does not allow. Until 1938, the French scientists at the Vietnamese workers chose A1 done more scale restoration. This major restoration repair the brick layers were eroded nature. But has contributed to honoring the peak value of the tower A, until the airstrikes destroyed. Difficulties in building materials has been a major impediment to the restoration and renovation of the Cham ruins after taking intensive. A tower used to have the time of project titled “Conservation Research Group Tower A, H – My Son Relic” in May 9/2002, while he Surabh Kumar – Indian Ambassador in Vietnam Nam to visit and work in Quang Nam. Since 2003, when the project of restoration of My Son, restoration program trilateral cooperation Vietnam – UNESCO – Italia has selected G Tower area for restoration. A tower so again missed an appointment. However, with the results achieved in the project G Tower has opened a lot of direction for the successor later. In it, there are technical studies and construction materials.

About Deployment Project My Son Cham towers restored, Mr. Rakesh Tiwari – Research Institute of Archaeological Survey of India in the last round at My Son has said “the reconstruction, restoration of My Son will rely on the research, especially research on materials. ” For the selection method, Mr. Rakesh Tiwari caution that the successor will have the experience: “With the experience ahead, India will implement their own solutions based on past experience the restoration of the brick tower in India and many other countries. ”

India although the country possesses many cultural heritage Hindu religion has similarities to the My Son Cham ruins but this is the first time India carried out restoration work. Because of the critical nature of which tower A A1 architecture Indian professionals should only give the expected initial choice groups to rebuild the tower. As for the groups argue that if the tower A select group of restoration, this is very important towers and special symbolic and “the restoration of the tower will be A1 is both an honor but also the first challenge in the cooperation conservation of the temples at My Son in particular and Vietnam in general later “. Thus, firstly the experts will carry out the research, measuring reach, before deciding the dates coincide tower or not?