Hai Van Pass is located on a tributary of the sea crashing mountain ranges White Horse (part of the massif), connecting the province of Thua Thien Hue and Danang. High Pass 500m above sea level and about 20 km long. Called “Hai Van” because of its gorgeous scenery immensely, there are year-round Pass and Pass Cloud cover vast deep blue sea. Hai Van Pass is also known as the Pass Clouds often cloudy or Ai Van Pass for the Pass has a gate.

According to historical documents, ancient Hai Van Pass border between Vietnam and Champa University. A century later, the Lake to invade Champa, Champa king to cut land for peace. Since then, Hai Van belongs Dai Ngu (Vietnam today). In Phu Bien Tap Luc of Le Quy Don has written: “Hai Van beneath the coast, on scrapers skies the limit of two Thuan Hoa and Quang Nam origin”. For centuries, the Hai Van Pass road is less traveled because of the danger, looting, evil beasts … here. Republic of Vietnam time, we set up three checkpoints for traffic operating on a mountain pass in order to limit accidents. In 1966, the US Army has expanded and upgraded road passes. Date 06/05/2005, tunnel Hai Van Pass Road was officially put into use, to create favorable conditions and safety when moving through here.
Hai Van Pass that anyone admiring, bows to the majestic beauty of its poetry. Hai Van true value for fine-name: “People are most important heroes” that legend of King Le Thanh Tong was awarded one of many trips’s Pass (1470).

Now there are two paths through pass: Tunnel Road Hai Van Pass and the Hai Van Pass.

Tunnel Road Hai Van Pass

• Opening times: Every day. Closing time is 3pm to 4am tunnel every day to clean, repair and maintenance of the tunnel categories.
• Fares: Moving mopeds / motorcycles is 25,000 VND / way / car, the pedestrian is 8.000VND / time / person.
• Note: Because the Pass tunnel so visitors will not be able to go sightseeing or visit a number of landmarks on the Hai Van Pass.

Hai Van Pass Road

• Opening times: Every day.
• Admission: No charge.
• Suitable type: Tourism, sightseeing, discovery, phượt.
• Note: You should choose this route if you want to explore, to experience the full sense of the Hai Van Pass to conquer, but to note a number of points in the section WHEN TO VISIT NOTE.