Bana is considered the “green lung”, the “gem” of natural climate which bestowed Danang. Visitors to Ba Na not only enjoy the fresh air, green, clean and beautiful, but also admire the beautiful landscape that rarely get the public holiday. In a day Bana 4 distinct seasons: the spring morning, at noon in summer, afternoon and night will be collected in mid-winter cold like.

Early 20th century, to cater to the needs of people resting in central France, many motels, villas and hotels were springing up all along the mountainside, on top of Ba Na Nui Chua and peak (the highest peak here with a height of 1.487m above sea level). Meanwhile Bana quickly became one of the famous resorts and Indochina largest, attracting many visitors on par with Le BOCKOR (Cambodia), Cap Saint Jacques (Vung Tau), Tam Dao, Sa Pa. Then ravaged by war, it became abandoned and forgotten by time.

In 1986, the Government Bana has been recognized as nature reserves, protected object is rainforest and many rare plants and animals.

Bana has rich flora and diverse. In the era of thousands of primeval forests are the habitat of 256 species of animals, including 61 species of mammals, 178 birds and 17 reptiles. The flora here has 543 species, including 136 and 379 they spend. Bana is home to many rare animal species like pheasants star residence, Asian black bear, gibbon hung …

With such wonderful advantages, Ba Na resort has been focused on building into tourist resorts and high-end, highly competitive in the region, particularly investment in the cable system, the accommodation, amusement parks … some old French villas, the Buddhist culture, wineries and numerous hotels, villas, bars, tennis courts, badminton, billiards … was gradually restored and embellished.

In 2004, a copy of the Linh Ung Pagoda in Ngu Hanh Son was built here. On the high mountains, sacred Linh Ung Pagoda with exquisite architecture makes the air more pure meditation subjects, his soul more ethereal temple sightseeing. Fatigue seemed to disappear when visitors admire the Buddha Shakyamuni statue of the largest in Asia. 30 m high Buddha statue majestic long long sides between the clouds, the mountain wind. Besides the Linh Ung Pagoda is the French wine cellar that still today are used to distill alcohol and always open to visitors on sightseeing, sipping a little spicy glaze.

Coming to Ba Na, visitors will feel the sensation of getting lost in the clouds. But on days when the weather is clear, visitors can collapse in sight a vast region of space as Danang, Danang Bay (local people still known as the Vung Thung) with contoured shape arc from Hai Van Pass to Son Tra peninsula, My Khe beach, Ngu Hanh Son mountains and river, Thu Bon river winding fertile fields, Cham island between undulating waves … Nature as a interesting picture wearing.

To reach the top of Ba Na, the former visitors must pass 15km winding road, winding. Now with a modern cable car system takes only 15 minutes. As certified by the World Cable Association, cable cars have been set 02 world records, it’s a long wire cable car in the world (5.042,62m) and altitude difference between stations and as the world’s largest gas (1.291,81m).

When the cable car, visitors will have the opportunity to discover the panoramic Bana from above and watch the pictures on the cabin, each bearing an image of the Ba Na unique features like:
– The world record for the length of one rope slings;
– The world record for altitude cable car has the largest gap between the two stations;
– Climate Affairs switch from Summer to Winter when on the cable;
– Convert 4 season climate of the day;
– Toc Tien Falls;
– Linh Ung Pagoda;
– Nui Chua – The origin of the name Bana;
– Hoa Dao bell – a symbol of Bana;
– Climate resort city near the mountains to the sea (about 30 km from Da Nang).

Tourist resorts, motels, hotels, villas here are full of travel services to meet the needs of visitors. In the case of the resorts here are already booked, travelers can apply to stay in the Linh Ung Pagoda for their journey.

It also regularly organize bonfire night, the promotion of specialty mountains and facilitating tourists to visit the picnic.

Every year, tens of thousands Bana welcome tourists at home and abroad. One night stay in Bana is an opportunity for visitors to listen to the breath of life between mountains and wildlife. Bana, an attractive tourist destination when you have the opportunity to Danang.